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Allocate and move orders

Allocate and move orders

Divide the available stock between all orders as smartly and efficiently as possible. TableTop is the answer.

TableTop Order Management:​

  • allocates orders and reservations based on rules.
  • takes into account stock levels, sales speed, handling costs, opening hours, etc.
  • chooses the most efficient location for delivery.

Benefit for your customer

Allocate and move orders

Assure customers of fast delivery by always shipping from the most optimal location. Are certain order items not available or is there a supplier delay? Not a problem. TableTop makes it possible to split orders which ensures higher customer satisfaction. The reverse is also possible; let customers choose to receive the package in one go. This results in fewer transport movements and thus a greener shipment.

Benefit for you as a retailer

As a retailer, you want to be flexible in the allocation of your orders. In the TableTop interface, you determine the allocation rules yourself and change the order and prioritisation. Changing an allocation plan can have a big impact on logistics. Avoid surprises by pre-testing plans on specific products and times.

Allocate and move orders

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