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Issue accurate delivery promises

Issue accurate delivery promises

Offer customers a clear delivery promise on when they will receive the item at the latest. TableTop assists in this.

TableTop Order Management:

  • takes into account driving routes, cutoff times and offers alternatives.
  • enables communication of the delivery promise on different online sales channels.

Benefit for your customer

Issue accurate delivery promises

Always communicate an accurate delivery promise to webshop visitors. TableTop distinguishes between its own stock and that of suppliers. Because opening hours and holidays are included in the delivery promise, the delivery will almost always be as expected. This prevents disappointment and results in higher customer satisfaction.

Benefit for you as a retailer

Within TableTop, employees have insight into the delivery promise issued at the time of ordering. An order may consist of multiple products, which may be shipped from different locations. In other words: multiple delivery promises per order. You can see at a glance whether the desired service level is being achieved.

Issue accurate delivery promises

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